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RPG Maker Fes: Neue Details und Screenshots veröffentlicht

NIS America hat die Produktseite des kommenden RPG Maker Fes für Nintendo 3DS veröffentlicht. Damit kommen zahlreiche neue Informationen und auch Screenshots einher, die das einfach zu nutzende UI hervorheben, wie anhand der Kollisionsabfrage.


RPG Maker Fes comes available with many map items, so high-level, full-scale RPGs can be brought to reality. Customize the characters and monsters by easily configuring their attributes and resistances to various items, such as weapons, armor, and accessories.

Customize your characters' graphics, name, job, and parameters. And with the character setting samples that are already available, feel free to either customize to your heart's content, or conveniently select a preset character.

Choose from a set of six attributes and nine resistances to spark players' interest and help you create an awesome RPG that will have them hooked! In addition, you can also set variables such as HP to customize the battle system even more.


FES 01 FES 02

FES 03 FES 04


Quelle: NIS America - RPG Maker Fes