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Ys VIII: Io und Lastel näher vorgestellt

Der Entwickler und Publisher Falcom hat zwei neue Artworks und Hintergrunddetails zu den Charakteren Io und Lastel veröffentlicht, von denen Io sein Debut in der kommenden PS4-Version des jRPG feiern wird.


Io (voiced by Aoi Yuuki, age unknown)

“Hehehe, I still haven’t played enough. I guess today I’ll follow that tomboy shrine maiden I keep hearing about.”



An innocent girl with light pink hair who appears before Dana.

Although she has a tidy appearance, she sometimes speaks with a shamelessly self-important tone, and sometimes causes trouble involving Dana.

She proposes to Dana, who has shown interest in the royal capital Etania’s underground cathedral, that they investigate the interior together, but…

Lastel (voiced by Kouhei Amasaki, age unknown)

“As the son of Doran, leader of the guards, I will see that I protect the maiden until the very end.”


An honest and diligent young guard of the royal capital Etania

He has admired his father Doran, the leader of the guards, since childhood, and trained as a guard alongside his father to one day become a guard that can be respected.

After he matured, he joined the royal capital military as a guard. Dreaming of working as Dana’s guard, he strives to carry out his duties, but a certain event moves Lastel’s destiny in an unexpected direction.


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana für Playstation 4 wird in Japan am 24. Mai und bei uns in Europa im Herbst erscheinen. Ein genauer Termin für den EU-Release wurde noch nicht angekündigt.


Quelle: Gematsu