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Erster Trailer zu Radiant Historia: Perfect History veröffentlicht

Atlus hat in einem Streaming-Event auf NicoNico den ersten Trailer des 3DS-Remake "Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology" veröffentlicht, das neben einer Synchronisation und einem neuen Charakter namens Nemesia auch ein drittes Szenario ("Sub-History") erzählen wird, neben den zwei althergebrachten des DS-Original ("Standard History" und "Alternate History").



Atlus beschreibt das Spiel wie folgt:


The setting is the large continent Vainqueur, which has been turned into a desert.

There was a war between the western kingdom of Granorg and the eastern country of Alistel over the remaining green land.

In the midst of this great war, the protagonist Stocke, by awakening a magical book called the “White Chronicle,” acquires the special power to redo the past.

From a number of parallel worlds, including “Standard History,” “Alternate History,” and “Sub-History,” and in order to change possible tragedy and save the fate of a world on its way to ruin, choose the path with a ray of hope.


Quelle: Nintendo Everything