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NieR: Automata - Gameplay zu Auto-Chips

Ein neues Video mit Gameplay zu NieR: Automata ist aufgetaucht. In Bewegtbildern werden die Auto-Chips gezeigt. Sie dienen dazu die Fähigkeiten der Spieler anzupassen und damit auch ihren Spiel-Stil zu wechseln. Wir haben euch das Gameplay an dieser Stelle eingebunden:

Nova Crystallis (via 4gamer) berichtet folgendermaßen über das Feature:

"Specifically, the video introduces “Auto-Chips” which are a set of “Plug-In Chips” that gives players the freedom to customize their abilities to overall change up their play-style as they see fit. These include:

  • Auto Attack
  • Auto Shoot
  • Auto Evade
  • Auto Program
  • Auto Weapon Switch

Utilising Auto Chips will allow players perform certain actions automatically. They’re designed to execute optimum actions depending on the situation as opposed to repeating the same behaviour. They can also be toggled on or off seamlessly by hitting the PlayStation 4’s L2 button. Auto-Chips overall makes it pleasant to watch as well as offers an easier experience to players."